Matěj Adámek


Language: Czech English


I have completed BSc in Economics at University of Plymouth, which helped me get insight into one of the most abstract sciences. You can have a look at my academic portfolio or PDP journal.


Briefly studied Econometrics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I learned programming languages R and Python, which enables me to critically assess and create supporting evidence for the right decisions. My publicly available projects can be found at Rpubs or Azure Notebooks.


Mathematical models are key for understanding economic concepts. That is why I used Geogebrato make them move and help others learn them in my PALS sessions.


During studies, I gained a three year experience in Ahold Czech Republic, providing technical and analytic support to NFR procurement department. Want to talk business? Message me on LinkedIn.

Manga Fan

Watching Japanese animated series was my favorite method of procrastination in high school. Nowadays, I learn drawing the style!


Nerdfighters are followers of vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green. They define it as a term for someone who creates awesome and reduces worldsuck and state that whoever wants to be a nerdfighter already is one. Thanks to them, I started to blog from time to time.


I might be a nerd but I still have friends. We can get in touch via Facebook. (mojeID)


I also like to play PC games sometimes. See me on Steam!